Check out this poetic little short film that we recorded and edited the voice over for.
It really speaks for itself and it’s meaning today might even have a better impact then before.

@iamsashinski ‘s words:
Something about slack-lining or wire-walking has always intrigued me. What compels people to hoist themselves up hundreds of feet into the air to walk across a wire? What is it they think about when they’re up there?” “My research led me to the slack line community in Cape Town, South Africa: an extremely interesting and enigmatic bunch. They spoke at length, often philosophically; about the emotions experienced when being up there “on the line”. For some, it was a transportative and lucid experience that would conjure nostalgic childhood memories. Others would speak about the heightened physical experience of being up in the air, and the exposure to the elements.

Special thanks to Charmaine and Rob Kritzinger, Andy Alexander, Burghen Siebert and Jeff Van Breda for welcoming me into the SA slackline community.

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